Saturday, May 5, 2007

Why the hell is it so hard for people to see the problems that come with illegal immigration???

This past May 1st, a couple hundred thousand or so (I don't have the exact number in front of me) leeching migrants rallied nationwide for immigration reform so they could do the jobs they do now...legally.

*Note: From this point forward, I WILL NOT to refer to illegals as "immigrants".

Legally is the key word here, my friends.

Now let me recap why this is a problem for those who have been snowballed by Al Gore's fiction movie. The real inconvenient truth here, that you people who think we should just open the gates need to understand, is the 14 million illegal migrants have, in fact, BROKEN THE FRICKEN LAW.

What happens when any one of us is caught breaking the law? We are punished. Whether it be breaking the speed limit, J-walking, murder, failure to pay child support, or whatever, citizens of this country pay a price when convicted. Period.

You enter this country illegally, you get kicked out. Period. I don't care how noble your reasons are for being here. There is a legal process to get in this country. Millions have done it by the book. Millions more are on the waiting list. You want in? Get in line, dammit. If someone actually gets deported for being here illegally, for some reason people think the goverment is being fascist when we enforse the rules the we (as in AMERCIANS) have to follow everyday.

There should be no amnesty for those already here. The real tragedy of illegal migration is the children that they have here.

CBS Evening News, recently, aired a story featuring children of illegals that had been here on expired visas for 18 years. The parents were deported (as they should have been), and the kids pack up every weekend to visit them in Tiajuana. The little girl tugged at our heart strings with tears in her eyes talking about how she gets scared whenever there is a knock at the door, thinking that the evil United States government is going to take them away next. That child didn't need to be subjected to telling that story for the news. Shame on you CBS!!! The kids born here to the illegals are used as the meal ticket for the entire family at taxpayer expense.

That means YOU, Mr and Mrs "can't we all just get along"

Because of the compassion in this country for the downtrodden (spelling?), resources are taken away from where they are needed to care for our OWN people to provide for the needs of people who have proven they can work their asses off. They should take that strong backbone of theirs and use it to bring about positive change in their own country and make it a place they'd want to stay.

Geesh, doesn't anyone think there is something wrong when the Mexican government, themselves, will publish information on how to sneak into the United States?????

Goddammit! I too pissed off to write now, more tomorrow.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's time to open my mouth...again

Welcome all.

The United States of America is going to crap. Everything has been geared toward making sure no one's feelings ever get hurt. Because of this, too many people are afraid to face the truth. By this, I mean the truth about anything.

If we are afraid of the truth, if we are even more afraid to take the kind of actions the truth dictates, we can kiss our way of life goodbye. We may as well ball up the constitution and wipe our collective asses with it, because that's all it will be worth.

In these pages, I will be posting my views...and telling you the cold hard truth, as I see it. I will be harsh, if I need to be. If I offend someone, it probably means that deep down inside, they know I'm right. You comments are welcome...hell, THEY ARE EXPECTED.

Stay tuned, and hopefully we will all learn something about ourselves along the way.