Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's time to open my mouth...again

Welcome all.

The United States of America is going to crap. Everything has been geared toward making sure no one's feelings ever get hurt. Because of this, too many people are afraid to face the truth. By this, I mean the truth about anything.

If we are afraid of the truth, if we are even more afraid to take the kind of actions the truth dictates, we can kiss our way of life goodbye. We may as well ball up the constitution and wipe our collective asses with it, because that's all it will be worth.

In these pages, I will be posting my views...and telling you the cold hard truth, as I see it. I will be harsh, if I need to be. If I offend someone, it probably means that deep down inside, they know I'm right. You comments are welcome...hell, THEY ARE EXPECTED.

Stay tuned, and hopefully we will all learn something about ourselves along the way.


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