Thursday, October 16, 2008

Live your lives as normal

I've got to go a different route for this post. There probably will be very little about writing or machinima this time. I feel like its time that I try to shed my own light on this economic turmoil that our country is going through.

First of all, I find almost unfathomable that the biggest investment banks and insurance companies would go belly up at the same time. Lehman Brothers...really??? An investment bank started during the civil war that has weathered two world wars, the great depression, three other wars, the stock market crash of '87 and everything else all of a sudden throws in the towel.


Washington Mutual?? Now the biggest bank failure in history... All at once?


Pardon the conspiracy theory flavor of this, but believe me when I tell you this was engineered. There is such a want from a few select liberal powerhouses to move this country to a socialist format that they will stop at nothing to make it happen.

The ground work is being laid under the disguise of "change". Barack Obama is the poster boy for this movement. The current administration is (unfortunately) weak, ineffective, and disliked by the people partly from their own policies and mostly from the media microanalyzing and playing up anything that could me thought of as a mistake or a misstep. This is the perfect time for all of this to be put into place under the disguise of "change".

Just a side note here about the administration. President Bush's approval ratings are at historical lows, 20 or 30 percentile that last time I saw. But the democratically controlled congress that was voted in because the people were dismayed by the performance of the congress when the republicans were in charge has achieved SINGLE DIGIT approval ratings!!!

Oh yeah, change is good. (Geesh)

In this period of economic turmoil (brought on by the Clinton administration, I might add) its easy for people to be wowed by the shiny packaging of Obama's sales pitch for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Don't be fooled!!! How many socialist systems have lasted longer than our free market economy??? None that I can think of. I'd have to do some research to confirm that.

Listen to me on this...

The way to make it through these economic troubles is simple if the government doesn't monkey around with it (with the exception of putting back in place regulations that were instituted after the great depression to prevent another).

Live your lives as normal.

That's it. Don't do anything radical. Don't live outside your means. If your still 20 or 30 years away from retirment, don't dump your 401k. You haven't really lost anything unless you cash it in right NOW. If we all renew our NORMAL spending, the market will come back. It will take some time. All of those huge gains in one shot were bad anyway. Slower, steady growth is less volatile and will be lasting.

Remember a free market economy requires us to participate in it.


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