Sunday, June 15, 2008

How did we sink so low???

I dont't have much of a writing update for this post, except that I am starting a new position in my company soon that has a good amount of down time between tasks. It may lead to a lot more time to write. WOOHOO!!!

What I really wanting to bitch about today is what we has come to be the current staple of television now: the reality show and/or American Idol-type shows

The word 'reality', of course, is a misnomer. There's nothing real about them. But people seem to eat up the throwing together of a dozen or so different people in a house and film them complaining about each other 24/7.

Thinking about it now, though. The bigger complaint I have about the American Idol ripoffs. That is to say, the format is ripped off and repeated over and over and over again. Contestants perform whatever task the show is meant for such as singing, dancing, cooking, sewing, interior decorating, inventing, hair cutting, circus performing or friggen DOG GROOMING --DOG GROOMING???? Anyway, these people that are living out their dreams by being on the show and its their one, last, chance (cue the heart-wrenching melody of pity music) to make it happen for real. And they are doing it all for their little cousin timmy who has lying at the bottom of devil's gorge with a broken leg with no chance of help because someone in a big fossil fuel burning SUV, ran over Timmy's loyal border collie who was running back to town to get help, face 3 judges every week to have their effort scrutinized and pray its not their week for elimination.

Can we stop this already?!?!!?

The producers of these shows go out of their way to select every Harry Hard-luck and Sally Sob-story they can find for these shows, all for what? Compelling television???

Dammit, I'll revisit this topic another day because I'm tired and pissed off now at how low our standards must have sunk for this crap to be entertaining,


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